Porcelain Shoppe

an artistic composition of a model in a porcelain showroom

Project Scope

The Porcelain Shoppe is different, on purpose.

With over a decade of trade experience, the craftsmen behind this venture have chosen a new and exciting material in large format porcelain slabs, and are the go-to experts for handling it logistically & creatively. While the rest of the industry is seemingly stuck in the past using boring, heavier, less efficient material for commercial and residential surfaces, Porcelain Shoppe is cutting a different path.

Starting with the positioning and strategy, Poolboy Studio created a brand identity from the ground up — a design system and art direction where it’s ok to be different. It's a little bit tattoos & punk rock standing out in a world full of everyday contractors and stuffy corporate polos.

Poolboy Studio has had the pleasure of designing and producing all brand touch points in house.