Lineage Packaging

Lineage coffee bag on a shelf with books.

Project Scope

Lineage Roasting was long overdue for a new coffee bag design. They believe coffee should be as familiar as a brown bagged lunch, but as special as a Michelin Star meal.

Poolboy Studio was tasked with creating a new packaging family for their retail coffee bags, something that would reflect their values and get people excited.  They wanted something that could feel timeless, upscale, but also approachable and understated. They needed a system that could allow them to stay nimble as they interchange flavor profiles depending on the different varietals and blends they use throughout the seasons.

The solution was a compostable bag with a unique shape that allows for easy pouring and re-sealing, is striking from the shelf, and is given a simple visual design system that allows for multiple roast flavors to be interchangeable via sticker label. This resulted in a clean design system that also creates a surprise-and-delight moment for the customer as they open up the bag to find more detailed info waiting for them.